Superhero Invitations Wording

A superhero birthday party is approaching and you are going to send out invitations to your guests. Choosing an eye catching invitation design is certainly important but let’s not forget that besides for the right design a good wording make 50% of your birthday party success.

In other words, what should we consider when writing a superhero invitations wording? A superhero party assumes a lot of activities, therefore the headline should be a call to action.

Superhero Invitation Headline Wording

  1. Calling All Superheroes!
  2. Superheroes Assemble!
  3. Get here in a flash! It’s time to celebrate…
  4. Calling all superheroes! Use your powers for good. Help us to celebrate…
  5. In-between fighting crime and saving the world we request your heroic presence at…
  6. Throw on your cape and let’s play! {Name} needs your help in saving the day!
  7. Compose your custom headline and drop a hint of what your guests should expect.

Make Name Stand Out

Use a sketchy or heavy bold font for your kid’s name. The font should be big and desirably stand in the upper or center part of the invite. Please check a couple of our superhero invitations templates below.

We used a sketchy font for this design and made each letter a different color additionally.

superhero invitation editable template

For the next superhero invitation we used various rustic fonts for the name and party details.

Marvel birthday invitation

Sometimes it is worth to shift from the standard and use some fancy script. For instance check this superhero invitation for girls.

DC Super Hero Girls Birthday Invitation

However a classic boy’s superhero invite looks nice with the name written in a stylish handwritten font like this one below.

The Avengers Invitation

You can find more designs of superhero, Avengers & Marvel invitations in our shop.

Wording The Party Details

We have to choose one or another superhero invitation template based not only on the design but also consider if it allows enough space for your party details. Sometimes you would like to give more information for your guests, therefore the template you tend to choose should allow this possibility.

An advantage of out editable superhero invitations is that you can literary make edits before you buy. On the details page of each invite you will find a free demo link that you can click and try customizing your invite, check if it gives you enough area to align your party info and make a purchase after you are done.

When providing the party details please make sure the information is correct. The date should be noticeable enough because people should remember it. Please let your guests know the venue name and address and don’t forget about adding your phone number or anther way to contact you for RSVP.

You can put some additional information like venue place requirements or presents in the bottom of the invitation.

We hope this post about superhero invitations wording was helpful for you. Check our other post and learn how to host a perfect superhero party.

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